Learning Space 6 – Year 1 & 2

Term 4 2018 in Learning Space 6

Welcome back!


Term 4 in Learning Space 6

Welcome back to school for Term 4. We have a very full term ahead and with it being only nine weeks long the time will go by very quickly.

Swimming for the juniors will begin on Tuesday 6th November (Week 4), continue during Week 5 and finish in Week 6. We will be going in the middle block after interval each day. Information will be sent home early in the term.

Parakai School Athletics Day– Week 4-Friday 9th November(no swimming)


Students will continue to bring home a reader from Monday – Thursday, and a library book on Friday, which is our library day. Students need to have a book bag to put their book in.

Please continue to support your child’s progress in reading by listening to them read and making positive comments in their notebooks. Talking about the text and asking questions will help to develop their understanding.

Sometimes readers may be chosen by your child from their group book basket. The students will be familiar with these texts, so they can practise reading with fluency and expression. Other readers will be books your child has read that day in their instructional reading group.  

This term we will be reading Dr Seuss stories as part of the class reading programme.

Written language

We are reading and writing poetry as part of our literacy programme.

Students are continuing to develop their skills as independent writers. Personal experience writing is always included in the weekly writing programme. There will be opportunities to integrate written language with our ‘Pasifika culture’ inquiry topic, and our poetry unit.


In maths each day we work at developing and consolidating the number knowledge needed to move up to the next numeracy stage, and addition/ subtraction strategies. It is important that your child practises basic facts with addition and subtraction to ten, so they can recall them quickly.

We will be doing a unit of work on patterns and relationships, and a measurement unit focusing on time.

Parents/caregivers are always welcome in our classroom. If you have any questions or concerns, please come to see me, either before or after school.


Rosemary Hughes