Dear Students, Parents, Staff and Community Partners

Welcome back to the 2020 academic school year at Parakai School!

I trust that you have had a good rest and managed to spend some time with family and friends. I am sure that parents are more than ready to hand their precious children back to us at school.


I would like to introduce myself as the principal and lead teacher at Parakai School. I have 29 years of experience in education, teaching and leading in junior, middle and intermediate parts of the school.  I have been part of a number of Ministry of Education initiatives aimed at building parent, student and teacher agency to ultimately raise student achievement.  My goals have always been to provide holistic growth opportunities for our children.  As a parent, I understand the aspirations of the parents in our community and strive to build capabilities in our children so that our children can be GREAT citizens, who are empowered to live successfully in their personal, school, community and global lives.


This will be an exciting year as we work to achieve our Strategic Goals to accelerate teaching and learning.  I will share these goals with you as well as what we are doing to action them in our newsletters.


I am dedicated and passionate about adding value to our wonderful community. I look forward to working alongside our community to maximize student achievement.  Our Thinking Based Curriculum will set our children up for success as they navigate their inquiry learning through Real Life Problem-Based Scenarios.  Our students will continue to learn how to collaborate and share their new insights and understandings.


Please pop in and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting all parents and community members so that we can partner together to provide the best for our valued children.




Yolanda Choromanski